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Patrick Kielty is an award winning comedian, presenter and radio host. His documentary My Dad, The Peace Deal and Me saw him BAFTA nominated and named UK documentary host of the year at the 2018 Grierson Awards. 

His radio talk show can be heard every Saturday morning on BBC5 Live. Last year he made his big screen acting debut in the feature film Ballywater. And just announced as the new host of RTE's Late, Late Show.

DAY17 sees Patrick present 'See The Person' a unique insight created exclusively for DAY17.
Neil Mullarkey is a unique communication expert. You may recognise him from his performances in Whose Line Is it Anyway and two Austin Powers movies. 

He still performs most Sundays with the Comedy Store Players, which he co-founded with Mike Myers. Now travels the world bringing the skills of theatre and especially improv to clients. 

His new book, *In The Moment*, is published by Kogan Page in June.

Debra Stevens is an Author, Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Founder of Debra Stevens Training & Coaching. 

She’s an expert on driving morale, and building partnerships & productivity. 

She’s worked in 5 continents in over 37 different countries and has trained over 20,000 people.

Will Polston is one of the UK’s leading business strategists and performance coaches. 

He uses a powerful multi disciplinary approach, to give you a unique insight into your behaviour & provide proven strategies that will transform your life. 

He'll help you to master your mindset and live a life you love.

Kellen Ann

Creating a Life by Design

Ashley Leeds
The 15 Minute Guy

Being Done, Not Perfect

Emma Mackie

Are Monsters Real?

Dave Rogers
Fuelled, Fit & Fired Up

How Fit Is Your Business?

Lizzie Marshall


How art can save your life

Andy Gilbert
Go M.A.D. Thinking

If this was the last 5 minutes of my life and I could only share 2 things

Steve Kelly
Founder of START

Taking time to STOPP!

Susanne Böhner
Gifted She

Challenge your thinking 

Lesley Anne Graham
Becoming Supernatural

The story of radical remission

Fiona Myles
Being Myles Better

Turning on one

 light at a time

Rachel Woodward Carrick
Happy Silver People

Ready to face up

 to older age?

Di Parker
Maid At The Movies
Poet and Author

Emma Hookey
A sense of Forest School
The why, how, when and where

DAY17 is an intimate and unique experience!

DAY17 was designed to maximise all three and help you to take your life to the next level. 

If you’ve become dissatisfied with the ordinary, if you feel that there must be a little more to life than this… then DAY17 is for you. 

It’s a unique opportunity to learn from 17 incredible and diverse speakers who want to share with you the tools and the motivation needed to have a brilliant life. 

DAY17 was designed as an exclusive one-off event for people, like you, who are passionate about their personal development and making a difference. 

The in-person event was sold out but you can still watch the DAY17 LIVE Stream Replays  of all the speakers*. 

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