DAY17 Durham
17th February 2024

A day of learning, connection and inspiration

DAY17 Durham
5 professional speakers PLUS 12 brilliant TEAM17 members, inspiring you by sharing their passion, energy and knowledge.

DAY17 is limited to 100 in room participants and 100 streaming tickets. Live event tickets will sell out quickly. 

DAY17 Durham is a whole day of learning. Meet from 10:30am for networking, enjoy amazing speakers, informal learning and celebrate a brilliant day.

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Senior Journalist

DAY17 is an electrifying event that brings together 17 dynamic, thought-provoking speakers, each armed with a wealth of knowledge, a mind of ideas and a lifetime of remarkable experiences. 

This one-of-a-kind event showcases a brilliant blend of seasoned professionals and passionate visionaries, making DAY17 essential for anyone hungry to absorb wisdom, forge meaningful connections and fill their hearts with inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you choose the speakers for DAY17?
    We’re looking for varied, entertaining speakers with a message that will make a difference.

    We start by creating a ‘must have’ list. For this event, I'm happy to say every one of the five professional speakers I invited immediately said yes.

    The 12 other DAY17 speakers are members of TEAM17. They were given the theme, ‘Learn, Connect, Inspire’ and have applied and gone through a vigorous selection programme to ensure that their content will provide maximum impact.
  • Will there be any of those terrible sales pitches?
    There’s no ‘stage selling’ at this event, so you can relax knowing there won’t be any of those embarrassing sales rants which take up 2/3 of the presentation. DAY17 is all content.
  • How long will the day last?
    We start at 10:30am and finish at 6pm. There will be refreshments at the start of the day and a social hour at the end of the day with a bar.

    There's a 90-minute mid event break with many places to enjoy lunch just metres from the Gala Theatre.
  • How long does each speaker present?
    Speakers will give 5, 10 or 17-minute presentations, ensuring amazing diversity and that their best content is shared.
  • Where is the Gala Theatre, Durham?
    The Gala Theatre can be found at 1 Millennium Place, Durham, DH1 1WA

    It’s a walk, or a very short taxi ride, from Durham Station which is on the East Coast main line.

    There’s lots of parking next to the Theatre.

DAY17 is hosted by Michael Heppell. Michael has been described as ‘One of the top three professional speakers in the world’, ‘The cure for an average life’ and by Davina McCall as ‘The person who in one hour changed my life’.

What participants thought after the last DAY17 in June '23

"Real people sharing real experiences and ideas.

There was something for everyone and I took a lot from every speaker."

Jacqueline Watson
Retired Teacher and Author

"An afternoon of inspiration, brilliance and motivation - the room was bursting with it!."

Andrea Ince
Founder Ince PR

"An amazing event, full of insight, joy, compassion, gratitude, creativity, courage, fun, artistry, laughter, connections and inspiration."

Mike James
Founder Wayfinder Solutions

"Aut dicta commodi nostrum quidem delectus molestiae ad et ex odit."

CEO / Founder

Is DAY17 right for me?

We love to push the limits and we've created an inspirational event for DAY17. 


Our last DAY17, June '23 in London, was just an afternoon - in Durham we have the whole day (and more) together.

Which means even more learning, loads more time for networking and more fun.

Learn from 17 amazing inspirational speakers

Visit beautiful Durham, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Meet old friends and make new ones

Access all recordings for 90 days after the event

Fantastic social opportunities before, during and after.

Be able to say, 'I was there!'

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Recording of the DAY17 event is not permitted.

While we encourage networking at DAY17, participants agree not to solicit or sell business opportunities, products or services to participants without the prior consent of Michael Heppell Ltd.

The Masterclass is a private event and will not be recorded or streamed.

Additional events outside of DAY17 at the Gala Theatre on 17th February and the Masterclass on February 16th are organised by TEAM17 members and not by Michael Heppell Ltd. Members participate in these events at their own risk.
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